Why we aren't doing an ICO?

Many people are seemingly questioning, why we aren’t doing an ICO. The reasons are quite simple. We believe an ICO doesn’t always have to be a necessary step to releasing great technology, or at least not in the beginning. ICOs aren’t always necessary if an efficient team who can build the core technology are already out there. Also, the regulatory impact of ICOs make it usually not worth it.

  • More focused on the technology:
    Rather than be constrained by meeting an ICO, we can be more focused on delivering better technology to the community and expanding
  • Not currently needing funding:
    Great cryptos in the past have been released without funding. We believe funding isn’t a necessary step for getting the early stages of Lonero out there.
  • Past Experience:
    The creator of Lonero has past experiences with many startups including BlockstarLabs, WeCrypto, DigitalCPR, AndSocialREW Gaming and Publishing, Stark Drones, among others.
  • Diverse set of Skills:
    Our team has a diverse set of skills for meeting all our technological, design, and marketing needs.