Luke YaldoCo-Founder

Areas of Expertise
  • Blockchain Development
  • Project Management
  • Investor Relations
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Healthcare Informatics

Luke is an entrepreneur with strong project management skills and experience in blockchain development, cryptocurrency mining, and digital marketing. In the past, Luke has overseen development, marketing, and more for ICO’s and has consulted for startups in Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Biotechnology. Passionate about innovation, Luke works to bring technologies to light that provide immense value to society. Luke will be managing all business activities at the Lonero Foundation, from overseeing the development process and ensuring the roadmap goals are met to marketing, exchange listings, and investor relations.

“The blockchain industry is evolving very rapidly. Startups that raise hundreds of millions with unfinished networks or minor use cases are no longer being tolerated by the community and we are witnessing this everyday. The potential for Lonero’s technology to revolutionize finance on a macro and micro-economic scale is matched by very few projects in the blockchain space. In our quest to drive innovation we aim to be one of the most transparent and community focused teams in the industry.”